Disciplinary Rules

All admissions shall be provisional and be subject to the confirmation by the Principal.

Students should observe discipline and silence while in the collage premises.

Every student of this collage shall abide by the rules of collage discipline.

Rules farmed by the Principal and S. R. T. M. University Nanded for good conduct of the students in the collage premises should be strictly followed. Disciplinary action will be taken against the students, breaking any rule.

Regularity and punctuality in attending the classes is the prime duty of every student.

Every Student of the collage has to attend at least 75% of the classes. Those who failed to secure a minimum attendance of 75% will not be entitled for forwarding their examination forms of the University.

Attendance in Parctical classes is also compulsory.

Students are the supposed to keep their identity Card with them and show as and when required by the principal, Lecturers or any Employee of the collage

Duplicate Identity cards shall be given subject to the production of sufficient proof & Fees.

Students in their own interest should read the notices including notices containing rules, placed the notice board from time to time and should see the collage web site and University website.

Ragging is strictly prohibited in this collage as per Govt. of Maharashtra Ordinance. Any one indulging in ragging is liable to be punished strictly including expulsion from the collage and / or imprisonment up to three years, and/or fine up to Rs. 25,000/-.

Every student is expected to observe silence in class. They are strictly prohibited to loiter or wander in Collage premises or anywhere during the class time

Letecomers will not be allowed to attend the class.

Students are not expected to do any activity which disturbs the regular functioning of the Collage.

Fine will be imposed on any student who caused damage to collage property. If the wrongdoer is not traceable, common fine will be imposed on all students equally

Students are prohibited from doing any acts such as, late arrival leaving the class before the bell without permission, chit-chatting etc, which disturb the classes individually or commonly smoking, chewing Tobacco, Pan masala, Ghutaka and consumption of Intoxicating Liquors, Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substances or any other prohibited substances in the collage premises is strictly prohibited and also liable for severe punishment.

Every student has to follow rules and regulations of the Library advisory Committee from time to time or else severe punishment will be imposed

Competitions, Moot-Court Competitions etc.

. Students should observe strict discipline in collage social Gatherings, Youth Festivals, Debate Competitions, Moot-Court Competitions etc.

Students should use the parking space provided for parking vehicles otherwise punishment (including fine) will be imposed.

The students should are expected to follow. The rules and Regulations laid down by the Disciplinary Committee or the Principal from time to time in addition to the above-mentioned Rules and Regulations.

Students have to collect their Hall Tickets for the University Examinations on the dates specified by the Collage.

Possessing weapons by the Students in the Campus is prohibited and are liable for severe punishment, which includes the removal of their names form rolls.

Students should not allow outsiders in the Campus as well as in classrooms. accompanying them which are strictly prohibited.

Students are expected to behave decently with Teaching and Non-teaching Staff of the Collage.

Students shall pay the dues to the Collage in time. Fine shall be imposed on the defaulters.

Students are expected to utilize the facilities of Library and advised to read and collect information from Law journals also. Students shall develop the skill of Legal knowledge by participating in Moot-Court, Debate, Elocution and other competitions.

Students shall attend compulsorily in the academic activities carried out by the collage.