Now a day’s National service scheme is not rendered merely the scheme, but in becomes the movement to inspire the youth towards the welfare of the human beings through the national scheme youth are being developing self-confidence and leadership skills by interacting with the social elements.The management of the collage, principle and faculties are participating in the National service scheme activities and thereby they are contributing national activities. The activities conducted through the National Service scheme are the social oriented activities for the welfare of the society. These activities are the being benefited by all the elements of the society.

The overall aim of N. S. S. envisaged is to give an extensive dimension to the higher education system and orient the student youth to community service while they are studying in educational instituation.This is an important activity which gives greater visibility to your institution and students in terms of an essential aspect of campus life.

Collage has been sanctioned N. S. S. unit of 75 students by the Swami Raman and Tirth Marathwada University nanded. Various programmes and social activities are couducted under this scheme according to rules and regulations of the university. Such activities includes special winter camps, Tree plantation, Blood donation, Water management, Enviornment protection, Woman empowerment. Todays youth is the perspective citizen of the country. Healthy citizens is the healthy nation, Knowing this fact the N. S. S. organising cleanliness programmes particularly in the rural area.