LL.B. Ist Year

Sr.No. Subject Paper No
1 Contract –I [Including Indian Contract Act of 1872 and Specific relief Act, 1963 I
2 Law of Torts and Consumer Protection Act, 1986. II
3 Family Law-I III
4 Intellectual Property Law IV
5 Law of Crimes (Indian Penal Code) V
6 Constitutional Law – I VI
7 Labour Law- I VII
8 Insurance Law VIII
9 Professional Ethics and Professional Accounting System. IX

LL.B. Ist Year

Sr.No. Subject Paper No
1 Jurisprudence I
2 Labour Law-II II
3 Constitutional Law – II III
4 Criminology IV
5 Property Law V
6 Contract II VI
7 Company Law VII
8 Family Law II VIII
9 Practical Paper – Alternate Dispute Resolution IX

LL.B. IIIrd Year

Sr.No. Subject Paper No
1 C.P.C. and Limitation Act; 1963 I
2 Law of Evidence (Indian Evidence Act, 1872) II
3 Environmental Laws III
4 Public International Law IV
5 Land Laws V
6 Law of Crimes II (Cr.P.C.) VI
7 Administrative Law VII
8 International Human Rights VIII
9 Principles of Income Tax Laws IX
10 Principles of interpretation of statutes X
11 Practical, Drafting, pleading & conveyance XI
12 Practical moot court ( to be completed during last III year) XII

The clinical paper of moot court and internship shall be spread over in all semesters (i.e. Six Semesters). The scheme of completion of said paper will be as following :

  • Each student shall have to complete the 12 week internship during the course.
  • Each semester the internship shall be for a period of two weeks
  • Students shall submit their report of internship of the college in every semesters of report in not submitted, the progress of such students will not be considered.
    • The meeting discussed about the letter from Bar Council of India No. D.1823/2010(LE) dated 30.11.2010 and unanimously resolved that the guideline in the letter is to be strictly implemented. The letter is to be circulated among all law colleges with strict instructions for implementation.
    • It is resolved that as per the provisions of the Bar Council of India rules, part IV, the students opting to write examination in Marathi medium, have to pass a compulsory paper of English.


B.A. LL.B. Ist Year

Sr.No. Subject Paper No
1 General English I
2 Political Science-1 II
3 Economics III
4 History IV
5 Sociology V
6 General English VI
7 Political Science-1 VII
8 Economics VIII
9 History IX
10 Sociology X