Women Grievance Cell

Sexual harassment injects the most demeaning sexual stereotypes into the general work environment and always represents an intentional assault on a person’s innermost privacy.

It provides confidential and supportive environment for members of the campus community who might likely have been sexually harassed; advises complainant of the informal and formal means of redressal; ensures the fair and timely redressal of sexual harassment complaints.

The Cell seeks to inform the campus community of their right to a respectful work and learning environment. It believes that if we practice respect, exercise empathy in our interactions with others so that we do not hurt anyone through what we say or do then we can create a campus that is free of sexual harassment. Simple respect for all on the campus community is thus the focus.

The main function of the cell is to tackle the grievances of students, teaching and administrative staff referred to the committee and try to promote friendly & amicable relationship among students, faculty and other members of the institution.

Composition of Women Grievance Cell 2018-19 As per guidelines given in Vishakha Judgment and according to the State Govt. directions, and Shri Shivaji Law College, Kandhar of Law has duly constituted Women Grievance Cell.

Following are the members of the Cell.
1. Dr. Sow. J. B. Auradkar – Chairman
2. Sow. Vijaymala Tidke – Vice Chairman
3. Dr. Dipali Rambhau Tayde – Member (NGO)
4. Dr. M. L. Dharmapurikar — Member
5. Dr. L. D. Lungare – Member